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Whether you're Prior Act, LEOFF I, LEOFF II, Federal or Private, the Retired Firefighters of Washington is for YOU!

The Retired Firefighters of Washington is the only politically active organization dedicated to, and representing, the interest of all retired firefighters of Washington State and their families. Countless hours are spent in Olympia, on behalf of retired firefighters, working with our state's Representatives to maintain, secure, and improve our pensions as they apply to the retired firefighters, their families and surviving spouses.

In addition to this serious work, The RFFOW provides a means for retired firefighters and their spouses to keep in touch with each other, pass along information and have some fun! We have monthly meetings, held on the 2nd Wednesday of each month (except June, July & August) where members have the opportunity to not only meet old friends, but to hear the latest regarding pension issues.

So, if you're not already a member of the Retired Firefighters of Washington, we encourage you to join. There is strength in numbers. We are already a powerfull voice in Olympia but the greater the numbers the louder the voice to be heard.

To join, just print and fill out a membership application. Print and fill out this payroll deduction form if you are already a member and want to pay dues via payroll deduction.

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President’s Message

By Richard C. Warbrouck

I want to thank all of you who rallied against SB 6668, the LEOFF I/Teachers Plan I (TRS) retirement systems merger. Many of you attended the hearing and let the Senate Ways and Means Committee members know that you were opposed to the bill. With such a short notice, about twenty hours before the scheduled hearing, it was almost impossible for many of you to attend. If there had been more notice the room would have been full with members standing in the halls. Those of you who testified let them know loud and clear what you thought of the bill, the short notice and the sneak attack to terminate the LEOFF I Retirement System. I believe the legislators had eggs on their faces when they were reminded that this issue was not sent to the legislature’s own committee, the Select Committee on Pension Policy for review, classification and consideration. The Senate Ways and Means Committee members were well advised that this issue will be fought viciously in the halls of the legislature and in the courts.

It was gratifying to see the various LEOFF I groups come together in opposition to the merger in spite of the $5,000 persuasion. It was nice to have WACOPS and the Washington State Council of Firefighters on our side against the bill. I want to thank the newly elected President of the Washington State Council of Firefighters Dennis Lawson, for his support and for securing the legal opinion from Attorney Robert D. Klausner in Plantation, Florida, a prominent pension law attorney. I also want to thank Jerry Taylor, Retired Seattle Police Officers Association and Andy Wilson of the LEOFF I Coalition for joining with the Retired Firefighters of Washington in getting the legal opinion from Attorney Phil Talmadge, a former Washington State Senator and Supreme Court Justice. The two legal briefs and your audible opposition forced the legislators to reconsider and hold the bill in Senate Rules and consider an interim study.

(For more of the President's Message, click here)



Meeting Notice: The RFFOW meeting has been changed for the month of May. The meeting will be held on Wednesday May 18th same location and time, 11am at the Calvary Christian Assembly 6801 Roosevelt Way NE Seattle WA 98115.

The following article has been posted to What's New section of the DRS website:

A new law (ESB 5873) effective June 9, 2016, gives Law Enforcement Officers and Fire Fighters Plan 1 retirees an opportunity to provide survivor benefits to their post-retirement spouse or registered domestic partner. If a spouse or registered domestic partner is added, a retiree’s monthly benefit will be reduced to pay for the benefit. The open window for making this change is June 9, 2016 to Sept. 1, 2016.

To qualify, retirees must have been married or registered in a domestic partnership after retirement. They must also meet these additional requirements:

- The marriage or registration must span at least two years before Sept. 1, 2015
- The spouse or registered domestic partner cannot be already eligible for survivor benefits through any other provisions of LEOFF law
- A survivor benefit was not applied for within one year of getting married or registering as a domestic partner
- A portion of the retiree’s retirement benefit must not be subject to a property division obligation

By the end of May 2016, DRS is mailing letters to all LEOFF Plan 1 retirees informing them of this opportunity and explaining how to add their spouse or domestic partner as a survivor beneficiary.



May RFFOW Meeting

On May 18, 2016
11 AM; Calvary Christian Assembly 6801 Roosevelt Way NE Seattle, WA


March Pension Report by Ray Sanderson:

From an article by Robert A. Fishbein, vice president and corporate counsel with Prudential Financial, in the February 2016 Insurance News Net Magazine, titled Whats Next for Couples Under New Social Security Rules?

The recently enacted Bipartisan Budget Act of 2015 is a popular topic among financial planners these days. This is particularly true because in 2016 it will eliminate two options married couples have been using to maximize Social Security benefits.

The first option, commonly called file and suspend, allowed a person who earns less money than their spouse to claim a spousal benefit while the higher-earning spouses benefit continued to grow until that spouse reached age 70. The second option, commonly referred to as a restricted application, allowed a higher-earning spouse to restrict their application for benefits and enjoy a spousal benefit while his or her own benefit continued to grow until age 70. Both of these planning options have been deemed loopholes, and they are now prohibited, with some brief transition periods that close this year.

(For March 2016 pension report, click here)


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Marion Joy retired Seattle Firefighter passed away on 2/29/2016.

Howard Cannon, retired Seattle paramedic, passed away on 3/24/2016. A Celebration of Howie’s Life will be held at the Northshore Senior Center on May 14th from 3:00-6:00 pm. Address is 10201 East Riverside Dr., Bothell, WA 98011. Photo donations can be sent to howiecmemories @yahoo.com. Donations to the Howie Cannon Fund can be made through Wells Fargo Bank Account # 125008547.

Donald Hinson retired Firefighter and father of Paramedic John Hinson passed away on 3/25/2016.

Hal Gardner retired from Bremerton Fire Department has passed away at the age of 99 on Wednesday March 16th, 2016.

It is with great sadness that the Washington Fire Chiefs inform you of the death of off-duty Vancouver firefighter Andrew Miller, 29. He was struck by an automobile while walking near his home at the 500 block of NE 112th Avenue. He was treated on the scene by two crews from the Vancouver Fire Department and AMR and transported to Peace Health Southwest Washington Medical Center with life threatening injuries. He succumbed to those injuries at approximately 12 a.m. on April 1. “We are proud of Andrew and all that he accomplished. The news is a tremendous loss to both Andrew’s family and the Vancouver Fire Department family,” said Vancouver Fire Chief Joe Molina. Andrew had been a member of the Vancouver Fire Department since September 2011. He worked as a Firefighter/EMT and was a member of the Vancouver Firefighter’s Union, Local 452. Andrew grew up in Spokane, Washington, where he graduated from Rogers High School and completed an Associate of Arts degree in Fire Science and General Studies from Spokane Community College. He previously served as a resident firefighter in Spokane County Fire District 10 in Airway Heights, outside of Spokane. “This is a very sad day for the city. The entire Vancouver City Council extends our condolences to the Miller family,” said Vancouver Mayor Timothy D. Leavitt. In lieu of flowers, the family requests donations be made to the Vancouver Firefighters Community Assistance Fund at 2807 N.W. Fruit Valley Road, Vancouver, WA 98660.

Howard Church, retired Captain from Tacoma Fire Department passed away on Thursday April 7th in Tacoma. He is the father of Chief Allen D. Church & grandfather of Firefighter Brandon Church, both of South King Fire & Rescue.

Richard Swartout retired Seattle Captain passed away on 4/8/2016.

Gloria McNerney wife of retired firefighter Tom McNerney passed away on 4/16/16.



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