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RFFOW Legislative Fund 9134 207th Place SW , Edmonds, WA 98026.


Thank you to the following members who sent separate donation checks.

We would also like to thank all the members who make a $3.00 contribution when paying their annual dues via check or by payroll deduction. Your contribution allows our voice to be heard and is very much appreciated!! We only list the amount if the donation is above $25.00:

Paul Schneider $200.00
Myra Mitchell $105.00
Richard Schmidt $100.00
Gunther Hausmann $100.00
BL Hansen $100.00
Jim Hudson $100.00
Lois Johnson $100.00
Donald Holtine $100.00
Charles Petherick $100.00
Deloris Speer $54.00



Whether you're Prior Act, LEOFF I, LEOFF II, Federal or Private, the Retired Firefighters of Washington is for YOU!

The Retired Firefighters of Washington is the only politically active organization dedicated to, and representing, the interest of all retired firefighters of Washington State and their families. Countless hours are spent in Olympia, on behalf of retired firefighters, working with our state's Representatives to maintain, secure, and improve our pensions as they apply to the retired firefighters, their families and surviving spouses.

In addition to this serious work, The RFFOW provides a means for retired firefighters and their spouses to keep in touch with each other, pass along information and have some fun! We have monthly meetings, held on the 2nd Wednesday of each month (except June, July & August) where members have the opportunity to not only meet old friends, but to hear the latest regarding pension issues.

So, if you're not already a member of the Retired Firefighters of Washington, we encourage you to join. There is strength in numbers. We are already a powerfull voice in Olympia but the greater the numbers the louder the voice to be heard.

To join, just print and fill out a membership application. Print and fill out this payroll deduction form if you are already a member and want to pay dues via payroll deduction.

Mail Applications to:
Retired Firefighters of Washington
9134 - 20
7th Place SW
Edmonds, WA 98026

Questions? (425) 775-9080 info@rffow.org


President’s Message

By Richard C. Warbrouck

I received a note from Nancy Witter the daughter of Otis Hay, deceased member from the Tacoma Fire Department. Otis also served as a director of the R.F.F.O.W for many years. Nancy notified me that her mother Roberta could no longer maintain her membership. This is unfortunate as it is important to us and to the family that the surviving spouse maintain their membership as long as possible. We want them and their families to be informed and able to help when or if needed. There is strength in numbers and our annual dues is predicated on the number of members.

As I think of Otis I remember how involved and dedicated he was to the R.F.F.O.W. He donated a lot of time to this organization, particularly when the state was trying to transfer one billion dollars from the LEOFF I retirement fund to the State’s General Fund. He was also super involved when we were trying to develop the LEOFF I coalition to form a coordinated effort to stop the one billion dollar transfer.

(For more of the President's Message, click here)


The next RFFOW newsletter will be in August 2015.

The next RFFOW meeting will be in September 2015.

Have a great summer!



September RFFOW Meeting

On September 9th, 2015
11 AM; Luther Memorial Church Greenwood Ave N & N 132nd Street Seattle, WA


May Pension Report by Ray Sanderson:

This from the Legal Insights for Pension Boards newsletter may be of interest to our local pension boards.

A pension board’s denial of disability benefits for a firefighter’s back injury was recently reversed by the court, where the pension board clearly disregarded the findings of all the physicians in the matter and instead inserted its own medical opinion to support its decision.

In Scepurek v. the Board of Trustees of the Northbrook Firefighters’ Pension Fund, 2014 IL App (1st) 131066, Gabriel Scepurek injured his back while performing CPR on a patient. Scepurek felt his back tightening while crouched over the patient to perform chest compressions, and felt excruciating back pain when he stood up. Scepurek was unable to finish his shift and was transported to a hospital emergency room.

(For May 2015 pension report, click here)


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Kenneth Wigmosta retired Firefighter passed away on 4/17/15.

Ruth Frances Gough Richmond passed away on April 5, 2015.

Richard Schneider retired Lt. (lived on Queen Anne in Seattle) passed away on 4/25/2015.

Theodore "Ted" Sholdra, beloved husband and father, died peacefully at home in Renton, WA on May 4, 2015. In 1949 he joined the Seattle Fire Department, where he served at Stations 27, 13, and 36, retiring as a Captain in 1975. He then served as Secretary-Treasurer and Newsletter Editor of the Seattle Retired Firefighters' Association for 22 years. July 15, 1949, he married the love of his life, Mary Alice Munger, and they have been happily married for 65 years. They raised their two sons, Steve and Gordon, in Seattle until Ted built a beautiful house and the family moved to Maple Valley. He is survived by his wife, Mary; son Steve; daughter-in-law Connie; and grandson Steve, Jr.; as well as extended family. He was predeceased by his son, Gordon Sholdra. The family would like to thank Providence Hospice of Seattle for their caring assistance through Ted's final stage of Alzheimer's disease. A private celebration of Ted's life will be held by the family.

We want to remember Ted and thank Mary for all their many contributions, years of service and excellent work!

Gary Barrett passed away 5/16/15.

Martin Gustavson passed away 5/11/15.

Richard Minteer passed away 5/3/15.



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